6:33 AM

Safe for Work

Show off style without compromising professionalism.


Paola Jordan said...

I love the white one!

Modelizer said...

Devi needs to consult Chado Ralph Rucci before this knock off style continues. Even in the hair styling from the s|s 09 show, damn.

Donkey said...

I don't think "Safe for Work" styles encompasses a range huge enough for similarities not to occur. While I like Rucci's collection, almost always something about his suits will make it unsuitable for work (like the little triangle cut-outs on the jackets).

As for the styling, I don't know if Devi had insider information about Rucci's show, but her show did debut two days before Rucci's. There is something about dark eyes and clean buns that go well with both collections, and I'm thinking coincidence rather than knock-off.