8:20 AM

Derring-do's: What Weeds, Lego, and Poodles Have in Common

Generally, spring ready-to-wear 'dos pale in comparison to haute couture hairthings, but a few designers dared to dream big without crossing the line into creepyland. The props are unlikely to find themselves outside the runway, except perhaps for the Lego hats?

7:43 AM

Maison Martin Margiela Makes Me Hate Art

They are thinner, taller, & arguably more beautiful than the rest of us, but aren't models people, too? More offenses here. I hope the rumors that this is Margiela's last show are true.

7:22 AM

The Spirals are Coming

From the nightmarish world of Uzumaki--straight into your closet. Word of caution: Don't watch the movie adaptation.

6:50 AM

I'd Wear This to . . . a Theatre/Playhouse

6:25 AM

Font of the Day: Myndraine

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