2:15 PM

Project Runway's Kenley v. Alexander McQueen & Balenciaga

Kenley claimed she did not follow collections and admitted, when confronted with plagiarism claims, that she should take fashion history lessons. However, I doubt she is as clueless as she claims, since she has tried to sneak into last year's Bryant Park shows. The following designs are also quite recent.

A feathered hat may be the natural accessory for a feathered dress, but the similarities overwhelm.

At a glance, the floral printed dress may resemble the Balenciaga dress, but that particular Balenciaga collection was a lot more structural and fashion forward, whereas Kenley's dress is distinctly more retro.

10:10 AM

Anna Sui Models Asked to Smile

For the New York Anna Sui runway show this September, models were asked to smile. Some followed directions and added to the cheery feel of the show, but others were confused and either gave the tiniest of smiles or ignored the instruction altogether.

Best Smiles

Most Confused

It's disappointing to see Agyness Deyn and Lily Donaldson--who were touted by Vogue to be the next supermodels--unable to follow simple directions.

*Update 10/20/08: Cacharel seems to have also asked its models to smile, with similar results.

9:04 AM

I'd Wear This to . . . a Poetry Reading

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