9:15 AM

Designer Face-off: Feathered Shoulder Edition

Diesel's sky-blue tinted white feathers suggest heavenly wings; Scott's one-shoulder black & gold feathers adds glamour to streetwear. I'd be happy either way.

Cose Amato readers, however, seem to prefer Scott's creation. For example, Grazi had a good point that one could only pull off Diesel's look if you also had an angelic face.


www.freshfeeling.net said...

I really think it looks better to just have it on one side, like in the dark outfit :)

Donkey said...

Heh heh, anyone else want to weigh in?

For Fashion's Sake said...

L'Wren Scott is more me. The Diesel look is too angel like and you kind of need an angelical face to go with it!

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