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China (Beijing) Fashion Week Highlights

While some collections didn't stray far from the white/black/gray palette, the designers definitely experimented with form.

Zhang Zhoada experimented with both color and form:

My money is on Ma Yanli as the one to watch.

As expected, some designers modernized the traditional Chinese dresses.

Unfortunately, NE Tiger Haute Couture was less successful (and less haute couture) with its selection of rather gaudy "designer" dresses you see pushed by dime-a-dozen street hawkers in Beijing.

The contests were the true highlights, where designers brought out all the stops. Some selections from the "Ordifen Cup" 2008 Lingerie Design contest (uncredited in the Chinese newspapers):

Some selections from the cosmetic design contest (unfortunately, also uncredited):


Ediot said...

oh these are stunning and so so fabolous